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Source Books - Immigrants

(Many of these books are available at the Amos Memorial Public Library, in the reference/Genealogical sections, or through the Ohio Historical Society. Links are established to Shelby County Historical Society materials available elsewhere on the web.)

BANK CLOSED. "The Shelby County Democrat," Friday, August 26, 1904, Pg. 1.

BANK REPORT. "The Shelby County Democrat," Friday, October 28, 1904, Pg 1.

Early History of Ft. Loramie, Sesquicentennial, 1837-1987. Produced by the Ft. Loramie Historical Association, printed by C.L. Werst Printing, Sidney, 1987.

Gearhart, Blanche. Early History of Sidney. "The Sidney Daily News." Publication date unknown.

Tifft, Wilton. Ellis Island. Published by Contemporary Books, Chicago, 1990.

Benton, Barbara. Ellis Island A Pictorial History. Published by Facts on File, New York, New York, 1985.

Shepperson, Wilbur S. Emigration & Disenchantment. Published by University of Oklahoma Press, Oklahoma.

Evolution of Ohio County Boundaries. Printed in 1970.

"Funk & Wagnalls Standard Reference Encyclopedia." Published by Standard Reference Publish Company, Inc., New York, New York, 1966.

A. J. Gantvoort. Gantvoort’s Music Reader, A Complete Music Course for Rural and Village Schools. Published by the American Book Company, New York, 1897.

Skinner, Herbert K. Historic Fort Loramie, A story of Discovery and Conquest. Produced by the Ft. Loramie Historical Assoc. Publication date unknown.

Howe, Henry. Historical Collections of Ohio, in two volumes. Published by the state of Ohio, printed by C.J. Krehbiel & Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1907.

Hitchcock, A.B.C. History of Shelby County, Ohio and Representative Citizens. Published by Richmond-Arnold Publishing Co, Chicago, IL, 1913.

Sutton, R. History of Shelby County, Ohio. Original edition produced by R. Sutton and published in Philadelphia, PA in 1883. Second edition produced by the Shelby County Historical Society Second Edition, printed by Hammer Graphics in Piqua, 1968.

Wallace, Rich. Many Shelby Countians left home to seek California Gold. "The Sidney Daily News", May 11 & 24, 1996.

Barnes, Joseph; Bradford, John; Conover, Charlotte; Culkins, W.C.; Hover, John; Jones, Walter; Leiter, Clayton; Wright, Willard; "Memoirs of the Miami Valley, Volume III." Published by the Robert O. Law Company, 1920.

Minute Books, Shelby County Clerk of Courts

Naming Patterns, Genealogy Soc., Southern Illinois.

Willsey, Carol; Flarrell C.G.; Florence, Clint. Ohio Area Key. Printed in 1977.

Burke, Thomas. Ohio Lands - A Short History. Produced by the Ohio Auditor of State, January, 1993.

Powell, Esther. Ohio, The cross road of our nation, Records & Pioneer Families. Volume 1, No. 1. January - March 1960.

Frost, Sherman. Ohio Water Firsts, Volume II. Produced and printed by the Water Resources Foundation of Ohio, 1997.

Pioneers of Shelby County. "The Shelby County Democrat," printed Friday, June 27, 1879.

Scully, Zanetos Carla. Religion a factor in village settlements. "The Sidney Daily News," November 12, 1997.

Bevans, Betty. Shelbyana. Produced and printed by the Shelby County Genealogical Society, various articles, including research done by William A. Ross.

"Shelby County Anzeiger", December 27, 1907.

The American Immigration Home Page produced by a 10th grade American History class.

THE BANK CASE. "The Shelby County Democrat," September 30, 1904.

Becker, Dan. Their Buildings Now. Produced by the River Corridor Project, printed by the Shelby County Chamber of Commerce, 1981-1987.

Gregg, J.C. Tidbits looks at NAMES. Tidbits of Salt Lake City, August 30, 1997, Pg 1.

Wants His Naturalization Papers. "Sidney Journal," Friday, May 21, 1897.  

Scott, John B; Minton, John. Wilderness To Prosperity. Produced by the Shelby Cty Historical Society, printed by the Sidney Printing Co., 1970.

Your Story, A Guided Interview Through Your Personal & Family History. Gift To the Future2000, Inc., 1992.


Amos Memorial Public Library, from Ross Archives.

Boller, Mary. Music Reader, "My Native Land."

Casad-Lodge, Sherrie. Miscellaneous photographs.

Thompson, Herman. Line art of Sgt. Baker. Sgt. Baker JUST FOR KIDS Logo developed by Sherrie Casad-Lodge.


'Immigration' segment written in November, 1997 by David Lodge


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