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Indentured as an Apprentice

This document is copied exactly as written from the original which appeared in the Shelby County Genealogical Society’s "Shelbyana" newsletter issue, July 1990, No. 44.

This Indenture made this 10th day of August in the year of our lord one thousand Eight hundred and twenty six witnesseth that John Hathaway and Jane Hathaway hath this day placed and bound their son George Washington Cannon Aged fourteen years and thirteen days an apprentice with Joseph Mellinger of Shelby County to learn the art & any mistery or ocupation of husbandry or farmer which the said Joseph Mellinger useth with him as an apprentice to dwell continue and serve from the day of the date here of until he shall have attained the full age of twenty one years during all which time the said apprentice his said master will and faithfully shall serve his screts keep his lawful Commands gladly doe and obey, hurt to his said master he shall not doe nor willfully suffer it to be done by others, but of the same to the utmost of his power Shall forthwith give notice to his said master the goods of his said master he shall not Embzzle nor waste nor them lend with out his consnet mattrimony he shall not contract from the service of his said master he shall not at any time depart or absent himself without his said masters leave but in all things as a good and faithful apprentice shall and will demean and behave himself towards his said master and all his said term. And said master will teach and instruct often the best way and manner he can the said apprentice in the mistery or ocupation of husbandry or farmer and Shall and will also allow unto the said apprentice meat drink washing an lodging and other necessarys fit and convenient for such an apprentice during the term aforesaid and shall cause said apprentice to be taught to instructed to read and wright and cypher to the single rule of three and at the End of the said term Shall and will make allow and provide and deliver unto the said apprentice one good new suit of hollidays cloths and two good suits of Every day cloths also one good hors Saddle and bridle worth one hundred dollars and one new bible

Attest:  (signed) John Hathaway (her mark) Jane Hathaway; James Buchanan; Josseph Mellinger

'Immigration' segment written in November, 1997 by David Lodge


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