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Source Books - Indians

(Many of these books are available at the Amos Memorial Public Library, in the reference/Genealogical sections, or through the Ohio Historical Society. Links are established to Shelby County Historical Society materials available elsewhere on the web. )

"An Ohio Portrait." Printed by the Watkins Printing Company, Columbus, Ohio. Produced by the Ohio Historical Society in partnership with the Ohio American Revolution Bicentennial Advisory Commission, 1976.

Auglaize County Resources. Web site produced and maintained by the Auglaize County Chapter Ohio Genealogical Society, November, 1997, (

Battle of Fort Recovery information obtained from signs at the site erected by the Fort Recovery Historical Society, 1954.

Gearhart, Blanche. Early History of Sidney. "The Sidney Daily News." Publication date unknown.

Raterman, Clarence. Evidence of mound builder tribes found in Shelby County. Bicentennial Edition of "The Sidney Daily News."

Casad-Lodge, Sherrie. Expert on Indian Artifacts. "Historical Highlights", a newsletter produced/printed by the Shelby County Historical Society, March, 1996, Pg. 2.

Hood, Marilyn G. Fallen timbers. Produced and printed by the Ohio Historical Society, published in "Echoes", Volume 8, No. 8, August, 1969.

Fallen Timbers Archaeological Project. Web site maintained by Heidelberg College, November, 1997, (

Helman, Ron. Flint Ridge Flint. "Ohio Archaeologist", published by The Archaeological Society of Ohio, "Volume 45, No. 3, Pg. 23, Summer, 1995.

George Rogers Clark Park Statue illustration and information. Web site maintained by Kentucky SOS! Simon Kenton. (Site no longer active).

Sutton, R. "History of Shelby County, Ohio." Original edition produced by R. Sutton and published in Philadelphia, PA in 1883. The Second Edition (including name index) produced by the Shelby County Historical Society, printed by Hammer Graphics in Piqua, 1968.

Wallace, Rich. Indian Massacre Took Place in northern Miami Co. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News," October 14, 1995.

McNutt, Randy. Indian Villages, In My Tribe. Printed in, and published by, "Ohio Magazine", Pgs. 73-77, September, 1997.

Metcalf, Fay. Knife River: Early Village Life on the Plains. Produced by the National Park Service and the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Hill, Leonard. "Local and Regional History, A Reproduction of a Scrapbook from Newspaper Articles (1948 - 1970)." Printed/bound by Hammer Graphics, Piqua, Ohio, 1970. Multiple articles.

Barnes, Joseph; Bradford, John; Conover, Charlotte; Culkins, W.C.; Hover, John: Jones, Walter; Leiter, Clayton; Wright, Willard; "Memoirs of the Miami Valley, Volume III." Published by the Robert O. Law Company, 1920, Pg. 426.

Miami History. Shawnee History. Web site containing 240 compact tribal histories. Produced by Lee Sultzman, November, 1997, (

Miss Ann Conklin, The Oldest Resident, History of the Blake Family. Printed in "The Sidney Journal," August 10, 1894.

Out of the Past. "The Sidney Daily News," November 4, 1947, and December 5, 1947, articles printed on same days in 1997.

Converse, Robert. Prophyry Popeyed Birdstones. "Ohio Archaeologist", published by The Archaeological Society of Ohio, "Volume 38, No. 2, Pg. 10, Spring, 1998.

Mothman: More Unusual Occurrences around Point Pleasant, West Virginia. Web site, December, 1997. (Site no longer active).

Converse, Robert. Mound City. "Ohio Archaeologist", published by The Archaeological Society of Ohio, Volume 43, No. 4, Pg. 24, Fall, 1993.

Shriver, Phillip. Mound City Miniature. "Ohio Archaeologist", published by The Archaeological Society of Ohio, "Volume 38, No. 2, Pg. 4, Spring, 1998.

Shriver, Phillip. Notes on the Ohio Shawnees. "Ohio Archaeologist", published by The Archaeological Society of Ohio, "Volume 38, No. 2, Pg. 26, Spring, 1998.

Willsey, Carol; Flarrell C.G.; Florence, Clint. "Ohio Area Key." Printed in 1977.

Converse, Robert. "Ohio Flint Types." Published by The Archaeological Society of Ohio. Pg 184.

Ohio Historical Society ‘Places’. Web site produced and maintained by the Ohio Historical Society, November, 1997, (

Ohio’s Indians Learning Links. Web site produced and maintained by the Ohio Public Library Internet Network, November, 1997, (

Shawnees Filled Area in 1770s. Printed in "The Sidney Daily News", Pg. 1b, February 24, 1995.

Simon Kenton, Frontiersman. Web site designed and maintained by Jon Hagee, December, 1997, (

Soldiers of the War of 1812, Buried in Shelby County, Ohio. "Shelbyana". Newsletter printed by the Shelby County Genealogical Society, Issue No. 59, Pgs. 3 - 7, April, ‘94. No. 71, Pg. 8, April, ‘97.

Borgerding, Alyson. The destiny of the Fallen Timbers battleground manifests a nasty dispute. Printed in, and published by, "Ohio Magazine", Pgs. 15-17, September, 1997.

Schoblinger. "The First American." Published by William B. Eerdmann Publishing Company, Grand Rapids, Michigan, 1994.

Eckert, Allan. "The Frontiersmen." Published by Bantam Books, New York, 1967.

Dearth, Jeff. The Loramie Pipe Tomahawk. "Ohio Archaeologist", published by The Archaeological Society of Ohio, "Volume 44, No. 4, Pg. 10, Fall, 1994.

"The Sidney Journal", Friday, December 16, 1870.

Reader’s Digest. Through Indian Eyes. The Untold Story of Native American Peoples. Produced by "Reader’s Digest", published by the Reader’s Digest Association, Inc., Pleasantville, NY/Montreal, 1995.


Amos Memorial Public Library, from Ross Archives.

Casad-Lodge, Sherrie; Homan, Tom; Lodge, David. Miscellaneous photographs.

Howe, Henry. Historical Collections of Ohio, in two volumes. Published by the state of Ohio, printed by C.J. Krehbiel & Company, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1907. (Miamisburg Mound/Fort Ancient).

Thompson, Herman. Line art of Sgt. Baker. Sgt. Baker JUST FOR KIDS Logo developed by Sherrie Casad-Lodge.

'Indian' segment written in December, 1997 by David Lodge


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